Beauty mistakes that age you


Most ladies apply make-up on a regular bases; unfortunately, a few are making mistakes that rather than accentuate their beauty are just making them look a lot older than their actual age.

Here are five beauty mistakes to avoid:

Caking your face in foundation
Too much foundation becomes cakey and settles into any lines an wrinkles you have on your face. Remember to use it sparingly.

Too much under eye concealer
Don’t go overboard when it comes to hiding the bags under your eyes – they will just look worse. Use a light creamy colour and make sure you blend, blend, blend.

Skipping blush
Blush lifts a washed out complexion and blends your make-up together – don’t skip this part.

Mascara on your lower lashes
Avoid this at all costs – it can make your eyes look droopy and leaves your make-up looking too heavy. Stick with an eyeliner pencil.

Bronzer overload
Sweeping bronzer across your whole face will leave you looking like you have a dodgy tan. Use it sparingly and lightly apply it under the cheekbones and along your temples.