Beauty Blogger of the Week: Emma from Mastering Your Makeup


SHEmazing! caught up with beauty blogger Emma Sheehan from the gorgeous Mastering Your Makeup blog to get the lowdown on all things beauty-related. 

From her best budget beauty buy to favorite perfume – we have all the answers right here. 

1. What's your best budget beauty buy?
My current love that is a total bargain and helps me every morning for work is my Blank Canvas Cosmetics Oval Beauty Blender. This just makes getting ready for work so much easier, I dampen my beauty blender with warm water, drain all the water out and dab on my foundation. It leaves my skin looking flawless and it takes seconds.

2. What's your top make-up tip?
For me it has to be, fill in your brows. Whether you want a full brow for a night out or just a little gap filler, adding shape and colour to your brows completely frames your face. I find for me any makeup look appears much tidier with a shaped brow. I get the HD Brows every 4-8 weeks so sometimes with the regrowth adding a little colour and concealing the strays works really well for me.

3. Do you have a favourite all-round beauty product?
I think this would be a highlighter. My current fave is by The Balm, the Mary-Lou Manizer. I like it because it can be used on the cheekbones, and the cupids bow to bring light and life to the face but sometimes I’ll add it to my eyeshadow looks to really brighten my blue eyes.

4. What's your earliest beauty memory?
Early and possibly most embarrassing, I remember on my 12th birthday my mum took me to our local pharmacy and was letting me buy some makeup with my birthday money. I was straight over to the Rimmel stand and in my logic at 12 years of age, I decided having blue eyes meant I needed to match everything to blue so my first purchase was Rimmel blue eyeshadow, blue mascara and thankfully only a clear lipgloss. I still can’t believe my mum let me buy them but he assures me there was no talking to me!

5. Most girls have a signature scent – what's yours?
Oh this one is really tough, I do have a scent I’ll wear for a few years and at the moment it has to be Lancome La Vie Est Belle, I just love how fresh and pretty it smells.

6. What's in your make-up bag right now? 
These are my ‘go to’ products for my daily work wear at the moment; always want a quick and easy look during the week in the office. I like to fill in my brows, make sure my cheeks have some colour and a subtle lip. A primer for me is essential to start my makeup and a powder to take away any shine I may get throughout the day.

Check out Emma's blog Mastering Your Makeup and catch up with all of her latest beauty tips and news on her Facebook page too.