Barbie got a 21st century make over and she has NEVER looked better


While many of us may have worshipped at the alter of Barbie growing up, as we got a bit older we started to realise that she looked NOTHING like any of us. 

In fact, she looked like no one alive because her body was completely unrealistic. 

And while poor Barbs has gone through a mammoth amount of criticism over the years, Mattel's latest release is sure to win the blonde bombshell back some brownie points. 

Yesterday, the colossal toy manufacturer announced a new range of Barbie that will come in all shapes and sizes. 

Yep, not only will Barbie represent different ethnicities but she will also come in curvy, petite and tall versions that better reflect real life bodies. 


The move is so historic, that Barbie and her new vivacious figure has graced the cover of TIME magazine and has got chins wagging all over the world. 

This probably does not make up for decades of perpetuating unrealistic body standards to little girls across the globe, but hey it is a definite move in the right direction.