Bake Off’s Laura Adlington admits why she no longer loves baking

One of the stars of The Great British Bake Off has admitted that the trolling she received on the show forced her to lose her love of baking.

Laura Adlington, who reached the final of the hit Channel 4 show in 2020, has spoken out in the past about the wave of negative comments that she was sent throughout the series.

Now, as she celebrates the launch of her new book, titled Diet Starts Monday, the 33-year-old has confessed that the hateful comments took a toll on her.

Earlier today, Laura appeared on ITV daytime show Lorraine, during which host Lorraine Kelly asked her if she is still baking.

Gushing that Bake Off “completely changed” her life and is the “best show”, Laura sadly went on to state that her passion for baking has been tainted.

“I must admit, I lost my love for it a little bit after Bake Off because I got trolled really badly and people were saying, ‘You were rubbish’ and ‘You shouldn't have got through to the final,’” she recalled.

Expressing her shock at the comments, host Lorraine responded: “People are ghastly, and you know fine well that they would never say that to your face.”

The baking star agreed before concluding about her lost passion: “Hopefully it will come back.”

Laura also revealed that before Bake Off, she considered having bariatric surgery, also known as a gastric band, as she believed that she needed to “fix” her body size.

“I have struggled with my weight since I was about eight, and I kind of spent most of my life feeling like I needed to be fixed,” she explained.

“I was going to have bariatric surgery actually, just before Bake Off, and I decided that it wasn’t for me,” she confessed.

“I thought, ‘You know what, I've spent my whole life on this hamster wheel of hating myself and dieting and it's got me nowhere, so maybe I should look at an alternative approach. What if I just accepted myself instead?’” she concluded.