Bad Lip Reading take on McGregor v Mayweather and it’s pure GOLD

So, the guys over at Bad Lip Reading are famous for putting hilarious spins on some of the best moments in popular culture and they have truly knocked it out of the park with their latest instalment.

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather made headlines around the world this week as they battled in out in a number press conferences ahead of their mega money fight next month.

From Conor's pinstripe suit, to accusations of racism, their meetings have been filled with a host of bizarre and often cringe-worthy moments.

And after a week full of nonsensical ramblings from the pair, a parody video has emerged to breath new life into the situation.

Take a look.

The video posted on the Bad Lip Reading Youtube channel racked up almost three million views in just 48 hours – and it's not hard to see way.

Using footage from the Toronto press conference, the BLR crew did what they do best and dubbed over the clip with complete an utter gibberish – which to be honest, probably wasn't too far from the original conversation.

We don't reckon either party will be too impressed, but hey, at least we got a laugh out of it.