Late night smooch? Leonardo and Rihanna spotted together yet again

They're at it again. 

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have once again sent the rumour mill into overdrive as they were snapped together in a Parisian nightclub over the weekend. 

The duo had been rumoured to be spending a lot of time together at the beginning of 2015 but representatives of the pair insisted that they were just friends. 

However, a matter of months after Leonardo split from his model girlfriend, Kelly Rohrbach, he was seen to be in the same venue as the pop princess. 

According to reports, Rihanna was caught giving the 41-year-old actor a kiss at the popular L'Etoile nightclub in France. 

However, representatives of the Oscar-nominated star have dismissed the claims today stating that the actor was with partying with friends while on a promo trail for his latest flick the Revenant.

"Rihanna came in with Cara Delevingne. She congratulated Leo and kissed him on the cheek. They didn’t hang out there though and left separately shortly after."

"They’re just friends."

Hmm, so we have been told. 

The singer and Leonardo are reported to have been enjoying each other's company in 2015 and Leonardo even won a lawsuit against a French newspaper who claimed he had gotten the singer pregnant.