Baby rescued from falling power line in Portland amid ice storm


A baby has been injured after being trapped by a fallen power line in the United States.

The baby, whose age is not yet known, became trapped at a parked car in Portland, Oregon yesterday (January 17), amid a devastating ice storm in the city.

According to a statement released by the Portland Fire & Rescue team, they initially began to receive reports of the incident shortly before 12pm on Wednesday. 

At the time, emergency services were told of a power line falling on an SUV, as well as reports of people appearing to be electrocuted.

Credit: Portland Fire & Rescue

Along with the young baby, two adults and a teenager had also been in the vehicle. It is believed that the group had just stepped out of the car when they were electrocuted.

According to the statement, one brave local resident was able to rescue the baby from one of the car’s passengers, and the child was later taken to hospital to be treated for injuries. Sadly, the two adults and teenager were pronounced dead at the scene by firefighters.

Portland Fire & Rescue have confirmed that the fallen power line has since been de-energised, in an effort to prevent further accidents.

The tragic incident came amid a strengthening ice storm across Portland. The adverse weather conditions have wreaked havoc across the city in recent days.

On Wednesday, the region was warned that it could be hit with as much as an inch (2.5 centimetres) of ice, as well as brutally cold temperatures. 

This is the second storm to hit Portland in the last week, as a deadly storm affected the city over the weekend. 

At least seven deaths were recorded in the previous storm, as a result of fallen trees and suspected hypothermia.