Awks… Did Taylor Swift get caught out FARTING on live television?

The way we look at it, if you're Taylor Swift and have your EVERY move monitored by cameras, at one stage or another you're bound to get caught out doing something unsavoury like breaking wind or picking your nose.

That's just the law of probability. So when we saw this video of the singer making a VERY strange noise indeed while introducing her Wildest Dreams video live on TV at Sunday night's VMAs, we had to laugh.

Gathered round the red carpet camera with a gang of BFFs including Karlie Kloss Hailee Steinfeld, Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez, Taylor stayed cool despite the weird noise.

But despite her chilled reaction, fans soon began speculating about what had gone down.

Of course we can't say for sure whether poor Taylor let one rip or not, but she definitely appears to squat just before the noise, and looks either excited or guilty just after…

One of the greatest mysteries of the decade, surely.

MTV have since made a statement to say that the weird noise was actually due to a microphone fault, and not any kind of gassiness on Taylor's behalf.

"MTV can confirm that the sound heard in the moment Taylor Swift introduced her new music video, Wildest Dreams, was isolated to a production microphone. There was absolutely no possibility of it being Taylor or anyone in her party’s microphones picking up ambient sounds," they said last night.

Either way, we bet that's the last time Taylor chows down on burgers before heading on stage…