Avril Lavigne opens up further about battle with Lyme disease


We are so glad that Avril Lavigne is back after being bedridden for five months while battling Lyme disease

During an interview with Good Morning America, Avril said: ""I went from doctor to doctor for about eight months until I found somebody that had the knowledge of Lyme disease and the experience of treating it."

She went on to add:  "I actually knew I had it the whole time, probably since the summer, and was just up against a lot of doctors telling me, 'You're crazy.' Some of them were like, 'It doesn't exist.'"

Doctors believed she was dehydrated and exhausted but Avril knew there was a much bigger underlying problem. 

After suffering badly from the illness, 30-year-old Avril hopes to raise awareness about the disease which is caused by tick bites.

"I believe that I will come out of this healthier and stronger than I was before," the singer revealed. "I've gained a lot of perspective on my life. I'm choosing to look at the positives."

Lavigne, who is married to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, released her new single Fly last week which she wrote before she became ill. 

Fly is in partnership with the 2015 Special Olympics and all proceeds will go towards the organisation. 

Avril spoke about the song: "It's just about inner strength and courage."

She admitted that: "This song took on a whole new meaning for me while I was sick, which was pretty magical."

We are so happy that Avril has bounced back from the disease and is on the road to recovery.