Autumn/Winter 2023 nail trends that we’re loving this season!


We adore autumn. Right behind summer, it’s our favourite season, so full of colour, cosiness and of course, gorgeous fashion. With the change of the season comes new colours, new trends and plenty of new styles, that we’re so excited to try!

One thing that we're really excited about this season is the incoming nail art trends that we're seeing popping up all over our Instagram feeds. We are simply dying for some cute new designs to show off in the autumn! Here's a quick sneak peek at what's going to be big in nail care in the Autumn/Winter season in 2023!



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This is not your classic marbled look however! It’s all about beautifully and artistically blended colours that look more ‘work of art’ than marble countertop that was so in a few years ago!

That first picture shows an almost pressed-flower kind of look that’s just indistinct enough to pass for marbling and uses one of the season’s hottest colours, a gorgeous, warm fuschia pink. Meanwhile, the second set mix and match a little with a powder blue and striking gold marble mixed with a deep and glossy burgundy. An unusual set, but definitely an idea we’ll be stealing!


This trend has been coming for a while now, we saw it early in 2021 when people were playing with the idea of the classic French tips look and spicing it up with different shapes and designs.

That trend has morphed once again into angular, geometric shapes, with daring splashes of deeper, less delicate colours for autumn time. Expect to see lots of warm fuschias, coffee browns and striking terracotta oranges for that glowing warmth of fall look.



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We're not surprised the seventies trend that made its mark on fashion runways is also influencing the nail art world. Be prepared to see lots of funky patterns, vibrant colours and textured materials as the folksy, and disco trends of the seventies create groovy patterns and colour combos in the nail industry.


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Again, you’ll be seeing lots of natural looking colours, like burnt orange, coffee brown and clay red in these kinds of designs that are all about the colourful but natural palettes that the seventies were known for.


The ‘it-girl’ colour for fall, we’re seeing this gorgeous coffee/mocha/cocoa brown everywhere this season. Warming, flattering and utterly chic, its made its way into everything from high fashion collections to high street shops.

In the nail world, its being combined with warm autumn colours or else as an alternative to white tips, as seen above. Eye-catching, a little different and very mutedly elegant, it’s making a splash in salons this season.