Australia’s olympic rowing coaches were robbed at knifepoint in Rio

Just two days after the Olympic Games 2016 kicked off, two Australian rowing coaches were robbed at knife point by two Brazilian teenagers while walking back to their hotel. 

The coaches were heading back to their rooms after a team meeting following the opening ceremonies, when they were approached by two teens. 

The two Brazilian youths were carrying long knives and acting in a threatening way, according to the coaches.

One of the coaches was grabbed around the throat before the attackers fled with credit cards, mobile phones and an Australian team blazer.

The Australian Olympic Committee's security chief Greg Nance said that the coaches were very shaken by the incident.

"It was enough to scare the pants off anyone really."

As a result of this attack, athletes based outside the Olympic Village have been advised not to leave their accommodation after 6pm. 

Australian team members have also been warned to wear casual clothes when they're out in public and to keep their athletic accreditation hidden. 

Olympics 2016: Australian Rowing Coaches Robbed at Knifepoint in Rio

The Australian team have been the target of numerous violent crimes since arriving in Rio.

Paralympian Liesl Tesch was robbed at gunpoint a few days before the games kicked off, and the team reported theft in the Olympic Village, which has resulted in them moving to alternative accommodation. 

The Australian team has called for Olympic officials to improve their security following Friday's robbery. 

"The host city has a responsibility to protect all the athletes and officials," he said. "They need to lift their game."