Aston & Sarah Merrygold share insight into choosing baby names


Aston and Sarah Merrygold have shared a pregnancy update with their fans. 

The JLS band member and dancer announced the exciting news that they’re expecting their third child together back in September.

They are already proud parents to their sons, six-year-old Grayson and three-year-old Macaulay. 

Now, Aston and Sarah have explained why they’re not finding out the gender of their third child and have shared an insight into choosing a name for their little one. 


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Taking to Instagram, Sarah answered a Q&A from some of her 173K followers on her Stories. 

The first question she and Aston answered was, ‘Is the sex a surprise or do you know?’, to which she responded, “Right, we’re going to start with the most common question. I’d say at least 50% of the questions are this question… We honestly don’t know”.

Aston chimed in to admit, “We never find out”, before his wife confirmed, “We didn’t know with the boys. We honestly didn’t”.

The Everybody in Love singer then revealed, “We didn’t know with the first two, we don’t know with this one”. 

He jokingly added, “We don’t know with the next one. We don’t know”. Sarah then joked that Aston would have to carry their fourth child himself if he wanted another baby.

Explaining more about why they’ve decided to not find out their third child's gender, Sarah said, “We always say, you don’t get many surprises in life”.

The couple then told their fans that they don’t mind if they have another boy or their first daughter together, admitting that, “Health is wealth”.

“We’ll either have three amazing boys or a lovely little girl and it’ll be new to us and we will love it”.

They were then asked, ‘Have you decided on names?’. The 40-year-old replied, “Yes, we have one of each. Literally one of each”.

“We found it much harder to find a boy's name because obviously we already have Grayson and Macaulay, which were both on our list the first time round”.

Sarah Lou continued, “We’ve had two favourite girl names so we’ve literally got one now and we found a boy’s name”.

“So I was like, ‘Oh it must be a girl because we really can’t find a boy’s name’… and then we found one”.