Armani’s newest perfume is inspired by the island paradise of Pantelleria


One thing that we all miss right now is the chance to travel. The excitement of seeing new places, trying new foods, escaping our normal lives to try another country on for size for a while. The pure escapism of crystalline blue seas, quaint towns and the spectacular sunsets is calling us, even as travel looks increasingly unlikely this summer.

We can manage, for the most part. We cook foreign food, plan our trips for the future, draw up our bucket lists – but it’s not quiet enough. For a really transportive experience, we want to feel as if we can almost smell the heat and scents of the bright sea and stunningly fragrant flora around us. And Giorgio Armani’s latest unisex scent achieves exactly that.

Since 2004, Giorgio Armani has translated the essence of his Haute Couture collections into unique fragrances in which precious, finely crafted ingredients convey an uncompromising perfection. And now, in 2021, Giorgio Armani transports us, taking inspiration from the rocky shores of Pantelleria for the latest addition to the Les Eaux fragrance collection, with the introduction of Cyprès Pantelleria, an ode to this captivating Italian volcanic island.

What has been described as an ‘earthly paradise’, this remote island, which lies in the Mediterranean between Italy and Africa, offers a respite from the hurried pace of everyday life.

Famed for the contrast between its sparkling, Mediterranean light and its dark, rugged volcanic rocks, Pantelleria exhibits the beauty of nature in its rawest form, as its untouched landscape blurs the boundaries between sea and land. Cyprès Pantelleria evokes the essence of this otherworldly island, fusing the scent of cypress trees and sea foam, brought together by an invigorating breeze, with these natural elements distilled into an energizing, refreshing fragrance.

Cyprès Pantelleria unites two aspects of nature, blending an aquatic strength with the elegant, aromatic warmth of Pantelleria’s flora. Composed to be at once soothing and invigorating, the fragrance conjures the morning sea winds that mingle on cypress trees.

Crafted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the scent opens with a dazzling, zesty luminosity, thanks to a harmony of citrus notes of mandarin, bergamot, and cedrat, which fuse with floral neroli. A wave of aquatic freshness is at the fragrance’s heart, as an aquatic accord combines with clary sage and the resinous freshness of cypress essence. The base brings a sense of contrast and texture. While mineral amber wood accord intertwine with intense oakmoss accord, patchouli and vetiver create a wood foam sensation.

Presented in the iconic and distinctive Armani/Privé Les Eaux square bottle, this scent is luminously elegant and topped by a shiny black lacquered cap. Finely hued in subtle, fresh green, the scent’s coloured juice echoes its personality, inspiration and key ingredients, brought to the fore thanks to the transparency of the glass bottle.

As Armani draws inspiration form the natural world, it plays its part in protecting it. Reflecting Armani’s commitment to reduce its environmental and social impact, the heart of vetiver from Haiti and of clary sage from France blended in Cyprès Pantelleria are sustainably sourced, thus promoting economical emancipation, preserving biodiversity and ensuring traceability.

Giorgio Armani Prive Cyprés Pantelleria are available exclusively at Brown Thomas.