Ariana Grande finally talks about THOSE Rihanna rumours


Rumours have been rife that Rihanna laughed her way through Ariana Grande’s performance at the iHeart Radio Music Awards last week.

Footage of the performance shows Rihanna in a fit of giggles and covering her mouth while watching Ariana on stage.

However, Ariana doesn’t agree that the star was laughing at her, saying: “I didn’t see her laughing at me but when I watched it afterwards, it looked like she was shocked because I was doing something different.”

Ariana went on to say that she met the pop diva backstage afterwards and that she was nothing but nice to her: “Afterwards, she was so kind to me … People are always trying to make a big deal out of nothing because they’re bored.”

Hmm, do you think Riri was laughing at Ariana’s performance? It certainly doesn’t look good!