Are you two ready to move in together? Here’s how to tell!

If you’re in a steady relationship, you’ve probably considered the possibility of moving in together. You might think it’s a great idea, or the thought might scare the bejeezus out of you.

Whatever your feelings, living together is not a step to enter into lightly… but it could be the best thing the two of you ever do.

Here are some glaring neon signs that you and your other half are ready to make the move!

1. All your stuff is at his place anyway
Clothes, toothbrush, phone charger… they all have a rightful place on his bedroom floor. On the odd night that you do end up sleeping at your own house, you spend hours searching for something, anything, to wear to work tomorrow. Does anyone have a spare bra?!

2. You haven’t seen your housemates in weeks
You make a quick dash home after work to grab some essentials but aside from that you and your roomies are like trains in the night. You’re really just paying rent for a place to store things, if we’re being honest. Or, if he spends most of his time at your place, the same is true for him. The invisible housemate strikes again!

3. The two of you have your special TV shows
God forbid you’d watch an episode of Game of Thrones when he’s not around – the show is only to be viewed when the two of you are cuddled up on the couch together. No exceptions!

4. You don’t share a house (yet) but you do share other things
Be it a combined food shop at Tesco, a Nespresso machine that was “his” Christmas present from you, or even a joint bank account, the fact that you’re sharing other parts of your life means the two of you would probably transition very smoothly into sharing rent, bills, laundry and other boring household things. Even if you still refuse to share your chocolate with him…

5. You’ve had a BIG argument…and survived
All couples argue. Trust us. Even the ones who say they don’t… they do. We promise. And if you haven’t had a bust-up yet, you can be certain it’ll happen when you move in together! 

If the two of you have had a big argument and have come out the other end stronger as a result, you know you’ve got what it takes to live in close quarters.

6. You happily slob around in your pyjamas with no make-up on
We agree that all relationships need an element of mystery, but there comes a time when you can let your guard down a bit! When you feel okay about waking up hungover beside him without making a dash for your make-up bag, or when you’ll gladly throw on tracksuit bottoms and fluffy socks in his presence, you know you’re onto something special.

7. The two of you know when to give each other space
It’s easy to get some time apart when you each have separate apartments to go home to, but things become a little more complicated when you’re sharing a one-bed flat.

Knowing when to take some time out from each other is key – whether that means having your own space within your new home, or giving him the living room for the night so he can have the lads over. As long as the two of you are mindful of each other’s needs, moving in together will be a breeze.