Apples: what’s so good about an apple a day?

We've often been told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but there quite a few facts about apples that we didn't know.  Keelings, now supplying Irish eating apples to Tesco, share some interesting facts that we didn't know: 

It's surprisingly low, but did you know that only 5% of all apples eaten in Ireland are Irish? 

On average, an Irish person will eat 126 apples a year – this we can well believe.  They are a go-to staple of so many fruit lovers, being quick and easy to grab.  How amazing would it be to increase that 5% being Irish apples to 50%?

The Irish apple season starts in October each year and apples are ready to be picked when their colour deepens or if they come freely from the tree when given a gentle twist.

Keelings Irish Apples are grown locally on the Keelings farm in North Co. Dublin and they've been growing them since 1940.

According to Keelings nutritionist, Aveen Bannon, apples are an important food to have in the diet. One medium-sized apple contains 13-16% of our daily fibre needs, 8-10% of our daily Vitamin C and can help lower cholesterol.

Apples also provide an array of antioxidants which are the substances that help neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are reactive molecules that can build up as a result of natural processes and environmental pressures. If too many free radicals accumulate in the body, they can cause oxidative stress, and this can lead to cell damage. This damage can contribute to a range of conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Keelings Irish Apple orchards are nurtured all year round to ensure the best tasting quality fruit. The apple trees are pruned in Spring to enhance air and light penetration through the crop before flowering in May. The apples are then ready to be picked when their colour deepens or if they come freely from the tree when given a gentle twist. The result is our crisp and juicy apples for you to enjoy. Buying Keelings Irish Apples means supporting Irish business and reducing our carbon footprint.

Keelings Irish Eating Apples now available in Tesco stores nationwide.