Apparently, there are THREE kinds of selfie takers among us all


We're ALL guilty of the odd selfie or two, right?

Your mother, brother and probably even your granny have taken one or two in their lifetimes, but as it turns out, there's only three separate groups of selfie takers out there.

Yep, Brigham Young University published a study in the Visual Communication Quarterly which looked into why people take selfies.

To conduct the study, the researchers "employed a Q-method analysis to quantitatively and qualitatively identify why archetypical motivations exist among individuals who take and share selfies".

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According to the researchers, the three different types are; communicators, autobiographers and self-publicists. We bet you want to know which one you are now…

Are you a… Communicator?



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Communicators, like Lady Gaga, share selfies as a way to connect with their followers. For them, it's all about two-way communication and getting a message across.


Are you a… Autobiographer?


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Autobiographers use seflies to keep track of their life and share cool experiences. Just like Lena Dunham, they don't require feedback from their followers and will post a selfie just because they like it.


Are you a… Self-Publicist?


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Ah, the Kylie Jenners of this world. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Self-Publicists share seflies so their followers can see a positive, specific outlook of their life. They post frequently and always hope to present themselves in the best light.

Found the category you fit into?

The authors of the study actually think it's very important to take selfies, because "years from now, our society's visual history is going to be largely comprised of selfies."

Get snappin' ladies.