So, it’s about to get BALTIC and we should all call in sick for the week


Brace yourselves! – It's about to be bloody Baltic. 

Just when we thought the weather finally looking up, a fresh arctic blast is forecast to grip the entire country for five days next week.

Remember last year when Storm Ophelia pretty much shut the country down for a day – well, get ready for round two. Only this time we have snowstorms, plummeting temperatures, severe frosts to look forward to. 

According to Met Éireann, Tuesday to Saturday is expected to be "exceptionally cold" with "significant wind chill and severe frosts." – lovely! 

Temperatures will fall to as low as -10C in some places with daytime temperatures remaining below freezing. 

Are you having a laugh, Joanna? 

We've been told to stock up on essentials (Dairy Milk, Tayto, Gin and tonic – you know yourself) and prepare for possible school closures. 

But of course, as we well know, us Irish have a bit of a tendency to over exaggerate these types of things – Teresa Mannion we're looking at you – so only time will tell. 

But hey, maybe we're wrong. Maybe we'll all be telling our grandchildren about the big freeze of 2018, maybe it'll have its own slot on this year's Reeling in the Years? 

Either way, it's always wise to heed warnings and take care when driving in freezing temperatures – even if we are overreacting.