Andrew Garfield snaps at reporter following question on Emma Stone


Andrew Garfield is not one to discuss his private life it would appear!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star was attending the premiere for the upcoming movie when he was asked a question his girlfriend, Emma Stone, had previously just answered.

The actress was asked by a red carpet reporter what animal she would like to be if she was bitten like Peter Parker is in the Spider-Man movies.

Emma Stone answered: “I would probably want to be a bird.”

In an adorable coincidence, Emma’s boyfriend, Andrew, answered the same when he was posed the question!

When the reporter pointed this coincidence out to him however, he didn’t take it as well as expected!

Andrew said to the reporter, “Who’s my girlfriend? … You’re making an assumption about my personal life and my personal life is not public property.”


What a pity he took it all up the wrong way because we think it is so cute that they gave the same answer!