Amber Gill shuts down coronavirus rumours after holiday to Ibiza

Love Island star Amber Gill has responded to claims she contracted COVID-19. The reality star said she has been feeling unwell since returning from a trip to Ibiza. The 22-year-old said she was suffering from headaches, feeling nauseous, and couldn’t focus. She also said she was feeling hot and cold. 

She also explained that she was unable to work and had the attention span “of a fly.”

Her followers expressed their concerns that it may be coronavirus, but the reality star responded to the claims and stressed that she was already tested for the virus. 

She said her results came back negative and that not every illness is COVID-19.

She spoke out about the rumours on Instagram stories, "I literally forget daily how many losers I have on here. It's not f*****g corona, I've been tested for corona. Thanks for your input though, go f**k yourself."

She captioned the video, “Every illness ain't corona, you weirdos.”


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The Love Island winner enjoyed a trip to Ibiza before the UK Government altered their travel rules. From July 25, British people now have to self-isolate for 14 days if returning from Spain or one of its surrounding islands.

People who fail to do so could be fined £1,000. The Government has also stressed people should not travel unless it is essential.