Amazing news for Friends fans everywhere!

This could be the most exciting news we’ve heard all day!

It looks like a Friends reunion could be on the cards, with reports claiming that Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow may be about to team up for a new project.

Everybody, calm down. Breathe!

Yes, it seems that despite how disappointing the trio’s Jimmy Kimmel sketch was, Courteney is quite keen to make it into something a bit more permanent.

“Courteney wants to direct a pilot starring herself, Jen and Lisa as middle-aged women who have kids by artificial means,” a source told Heat, adding, “They had dinner together in LA on the 23rd of September to discuss details and it went really well.”

Apparently the three actresses are “incredibly excited at the prospect of working together again”.

Our inner nineties fan girls are about to explode with happiness!

Fingers crossed this pilot will actually materialise, and we’ll have something to look forward to in between those Friends reruns.