ALL you can eat fries?! This McDonald’s has the RIGHT idea

Anyone who has eaten at McDonald's will know that its red container of fries is never enough. Whether you go small or large, within a minute all the fries just seem to disappear. Poof.

That's why this glorious chain in Missouri, USA unveiled plans to have all-you-can-eat fries this summer.

It has been dubbed the "McDonald's of the Future," as the new location will also feature table service, digital order kiosks and the ability to customise orders.

"Today's customers seek a comfortable and inviting atmosphere," the local franchise owner Chris Habiger told New Press Now. "So we're committed to providing a modern look and feel to this restaurant."

We just want ALL the fries. Imagine how amazing all-you-can-eat-fries would be with a hangover?! YUM.