All the workout gear you need for staying fit this winter!

It can be hard to motivate yourself to work out at the best of times, let alone on a freezing winter night when all you want to do is lounge inside next to a blazing fire. But with the right clothing and a bit of determination, staying fit in colder weather can be just as easy as during the rest of the year.

Wearing the right gear is essential in winter, especially if your sport of choice is outdoor running or cycling. Wind, rain and cold will not only affect performance but can also lead to illness or injury if you're not prepared. So stay warm and dry this winter with our pick of the top cold weather sports gear…

1. Sports bra
Whatever the weather, a sports bra should be an essential part of your kit to ensure you're supported at all times. We love this dark blue Adidas bra – the racer back means it's a great option even for larger cup sizes.

Adidas Supernova Racer Bra, €35

2. Lightweight top
It's all about insulation and layering once the colder weather sets in, especially if you're out for a long distance run. This washed lilac Millie & Gym tee is made from moisture wicking fabric meaning it won't cling when you sweat.

Millie & Gym Draper T-Shirt, €22

3. Zipped jacket
Even if you warm up once you're in your stride, you should never attempt to run in just a t-shirt when it's windy or rainy – you'll regret it when you're nursing a cold tomorrow. A lightweight jacket can be tied around your waist if you get too hot – this Nike one is the perfect windbreaker option.

Nike Windrunner Grid Print Jacket, €76

4. Long running leggings
Keep those pins warm and dry with longer leggings for winter! Look for a lightweight pair that won't leave you chafing if you get wet from rain or sweat. This Pure Simple pair also have reflective panels – essential if you're training outside in the dark evenings.

Pure Simple Celebrate Run Leggings, €25

5. Gloves
Gloves might not seem like the most obvious thing to wear for working out (unless you're a cyclist), but trust us, you'll never look back. A fleece pair could leave you overheated, so look for thinner ones that'll still keep your hands and fingers warm, like this Nike pair:

Nike Women's Swift Attitude Running Gloves, €17

6. Non-cotton socks
If you're going to be out in rain and mud, cotton socks will leave your feet soaked, wrinkled and more prone to cuts and blisters. Opt for a pair made from exercise-friendly synthetic fabric, like these sports socks from Dunnes:

Dunnes 2-pack Sports Socks, €5

7. Runners with great grip
No slipping and sliding on wet pavement or muddy grass! Look for a stable, cushioned and comfy pair of trainers to see you through the winter. Avoid runners with too much mesh as they will only let excess water in – this Adidas pair have the right balance:

Adidas Women's Revenge Techfit, €50