Distressed actress forced to share hotel with creepy masked thieves


So while everyone was enjoying the Halloween festivities last night, Eliza Dushku was going through a pretty scary ordeal.

The actress took to Twitter to reveal that not only had two masked men stolen her handbag, but they ended up being guests of the hotel she was staying in.

Eliza tweeted that she was unloading her bags for check-in at the hotel when she placed her Louis Vuitton bag on the curb. Two men, one wearing a “gold head to toe Caesar outfit” then proceeded to rob the bag when she wasn’t looking.

The Dollhouse star then appealed to the hotel for help, saying that the two men were guests at the hotel, with bystanders even giving a floor number.

While having your handbag stolen is an awful thing in itself, the actress was then forced to stay in the same hotel as the thieves. How creepy!

She tweeted: “They’re here. In hotel. Why I can’t sleep. Possibly just right down the hall. Distressing. I want them found. Release pics/ videos @OmniHotels.”

Thankfully, the thieves were soon apprehended and sent to jail, with the actress thanking her followers for helping to ensure that she got her bag back.

What a nightmare!