Actress shares images of messages from her stalker


Sophia Bush has said that she has been harassed by an online stalker “to the point of sheer horror” for the past few months.

But now, the former One Tree Hill star has finally reached breaking point. Earlier today she shared a screenshot of dozens of messages from her stalker, who tweets under the handle @SohiaaBush.

In a detailed caption to the photo of the messages, which you can read below, she spoke of the horrors she and her followers have been subjected to by this online stalker. 

The stalker has not only been harassing the actress, but many of her fans and followers too, something Sophia feels strongly about in her caption to the Instagram photo: “This kind of behaviour does. Not. Fly. You do not have permission to hide. Not anymore: This has gotten beyond out of hand. Obsessive. Violent. And legally punishable. To any of you who’ve been targeted by @SophiaaBush, I’m so sorry.”

Sophia also described some of the vile threats she and her followers have endured saying: “Threatening rape, gang rape, & throat slitting to name a few? Impersonating me and breaking some of your hearts? Telling people they should kill themselves, and detailing how? Nope. No silence.”

This sounds really serious, we hope that authorities can track this person down and stop them.

However, Sophia also feels sorry for the stalker, writing: “What happened to you, you poor lost soul, that this is how you find pleasure? That you need to attempt to destroy little bits of other people to build yourself up, bit by bit? Who in your life hurt you?”