Actress opens up about her struggle with eating disorder


Diane Keaton has opened up about her battle with the eating disorder, bulimia.

Diane spoke to Dr. Oz about the extent of her illness, which she suffered with for four years in her twenties.

The actress said the illness began when she was asked to lose 10 lbs for a Broadway show.

Diane went into detail about the lowest point of her illness, describing how she would binge on a dinner of: “several order of fries … a couple of TV dinners … a whole cake, and three banana cream pies.”

The 68 year-old Annie Hall actress says that she can still identify with people who suffer with the eating disorder: “I identify with those people, and I feel for them.”

Diane now says that her addiction is work: “Now it’s work orientated or trying to raise my children as best I can.”

What an inspirational woman to come out and speak so candidly about her struggle with bulimia.