Actress makes death threats against family on secret recording


We are well aware that things are not good for Amanda Bynes right now, but this latest news just took things to a whole other level.

In an audio recording allegedly featuring Amanda, recorded by her friend, the actress talks about wanting to kill her parents and making death threats against them.

In the audio, which was released exclusively to TMZ, Amanda is overheard saying: “If your father was my father….then you would understand why you’d want to slit his wrists.”

Describing her father as ‘the worst person’, she goes on to say: “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than like, slitting his throat.”

In the shocking audio, she is also overheard talking about how she has previously threatened to burn her parents’ house down, and expressing her anger at the fact that they are in control of her money.

The audio was supposedly recorded in secret during a car journey last week, and was then released to US entertainment site TMZ.

We really, really hope there is some good news on the horizon for Amanda.