Actress confuses fans with funny engagement announcement


When actress Lea DeLaria took to her social media channels to announce her engagement to her partner, Chelsea Fairless, we can’t imagine she ever predicted the confusion that would follow!

The Orange Is the New Black star, famed for playing the role of ‘Boo’ in the show, shared her amazing news this weekend with her Twitter followers, linking to a Facebook announcement, with the caption reading: “Yes b*tches I am engaged.”

In the rather hilarious and very obviously photoshopped picture, Lea and Chelsea are seen standing next to the late Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. The photo was taken from Liza Minnelli’s wedding to David Gest back in 2002 – but it didn’t seem to ring a bell with Lea’s followers.


In fact, while Lea’s fans we quick to send on their well wishes and congratulations, some couldn’t help but wonder exactly how Michael Jackson made it into their engagement photo!

“Im confused why are they standing next to Michael if he is dead… Or is this a old picture [sic]?” wrote one follower.

Others hailed the picture as the “best engagement announcement photo ever”.

Sharing her news in her very unique way, Lea wrote: “Despite their concerns about the patriarchal confines of marriage, actor/ singer Lea DeLaria and editrix Chelsea Fairless of Brooklyn, New York are pleased to announce their engagement. No date has been set for the impending nuptials but it’s safe to say that it will be the event of the season, or a total sh*t show.”

We just love her.