Actor says he’s ‘over-exposed’ himself


Benedict Cumberbatch thinks he is “over-exposed”.

The Star Trek Into Darkness actor – who has also recently appeared in Oscar-winner 12 Years A Slave and Sherlock thinks fans might be seeing a bit too much of him lately.

The actor said, “I’d hate to think anyone is sick of the sight of me, although I wouldn’t blame them. It’s just crazy. I’ve overexposed myself! Actually that sounds a bit dirty.”

However, the 37-year-old old actor said he takes great pride in his roles and feels “very fortunate” to be given the opportunity to star on the small and big screen.

“I’m proud of every single project. I can genuinely say that it is varied enough, as a slate, to not fear too much overexposure. I just hope the public agree because they are seeing a lot of me,” he said. “It would be really churlish to complain about anything to be honest. I’m very fortunate to be in the position I’m in.”