Achieving your perfect red lip pout


There is just something about a red lip that oozes sex appeal and confidence. So much so that the most viewed YouTube lips video, How to get a Perfect Red Pout, has been watched over eight million times – it is the most commanding lip colour after all.

However, choosing the perfect shade is never easy – something that L’Oréal Paris is well aware of. So to take the fear and unknown out of choosing a red to suit you, they have created, with the help of Eva Longoria, Blake Lively, Julienne More and Liya Kebede, their Collection Exclusive Pure Reds range – a matte colour that slides on to lips for an impressive, easy-to-wear finish.

To celebrate Collection Exclusive Pure Reds, they are also launching the first ever virtual make-up tester, Makeup Genius, this October. This revolutionary app service will enable women to virtually test make-up products using their mobile phone or tablet as a simulated mirror. Women can try a whole new make-up look, or scan a premium and innovative before and after service.

Lynsey Alexander, L’Oréal Paris make-up artist, has the following advice for those struggling to chose the right shade: If you have black hair, go for pure reds that stand out and make teeth look whiter. Brunettes should opt for reds with a clean orange undertone complimenting the hair’s warmth. For those with red hair, choose a red with a pink, plumy or blue undertone that will complement the rusty golden tones in your hair and finally, just like those with black hair, blondes can choose a red that stands out and makes teeth look whiter.

With their new app and hundreds of shades, choosing your perfect red has never been easier.