A scientist may have just found a cure for diabetes

A US scientist may have just discovered a cure for diabetes.

Experts are describing new stem cell research which could signal the end of insulin injections as a major breakthrough, possibly even the biggest medical discovery since antibiotics.

According to the research report, published in health journal Cell, Harvard Professor Doug Melton has successfully cured diabetes in laboratory mice by growing insulin-producing cells from ordinary skin cells.

This means that not only could sufferers of the Type 1 strain of the condition potentially forego daily insulin injections, but the new treatment could also prevent them from developing other serious complications such as blindness, strokes and heart attacks.

Naturally it follows that this new treatment would also help Type 2 sufferers, whose condition is brought on by a lack of sufficient insulin being produced by the body.

Melton initially began his research after two of his children were diagnosed with diabetes, promising them that he would find a cure for their illness. And while the treatment has so far only been animal-tested, Cell reports that it is only one step away from being trialled on humans.

Amazing news for those living with the condition. Let’s hope this new treatment can really make a difference.