A refreshing take on weight loss management with ‘My Best Weight’ – no more blame or shame

When we start out on our fitness and weight loss journeys, it can be hard to know where to start. What exercises are the most effective to reach our goals? How can we lose weight healthily, both physically and mentally? How can we follow through on our goals and not stumble at the first hurdle?

My Best Weight is a dedicated weight management clinic that focuses on finding sustainable and healthy ways to reach a person’s “Best Weight”. It is the first of its kind in Ireland with a team of internationally accredited doctors and experts.

Different from the usual weight loss management programs, they provide an innovative approach to weight management using the most up to date scientific research. The clinic employs a collaborative approach with a person as they explore underlying issues with weight and assess the impact this has on their health, looking beyond numbers on a scale as an indicator of success.

It is a non-judgemental space that provides a caring and supportive environment for people to discuss weight without blame or shame. My Best Weight has been recognised by the European Association for the Study of Obesity as a leading obesity management centre in Europe and is the first non-hospital based accredited centre in Ireland.

Clinical lead on the program is Dr Mick Crotty, a GP passionate about Bariatric Medicine. After achieving a Bachelor in Medicine with Honours from University College Dublin, he moved to Canada in 2014 where his passion for Bariatric Medicine sparked, culminating in the establishment of the Synergy Medical Weight Management Clinic. He was an active member of Obesity Canada and is a regular speaker on the subject of obesity. Dr Crotty is a strong advocate for people living with obesity and believes we must change the systemic stigma and weight bias that is prevalent in society.

Also involved in the clinic is Professor Carel le Roux, a metabolic medicine expert, Andy Grannell, a clinical exercise physiologist with a PhD in human appetite control, and Natalie Wallace, a Registered Dietician who qualified with an honours BSc in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from Trinity College Dublin/Dublin Institute of Technology.

Start your journey by checking out their website at mybestweight.ie.