Pregnant Meghan Trainor diagnosed with gestational diabetes

American singer and mentor on The Voice, Meghan Trainor is pregnant for the first time, and has now been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“Got a little tiny bump in the road — I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, but it's manageable and it's okay. And I'm healthy and the baby's healthy,” the mum-to-be revealed in an interview on Today.

“I just have to really pay attention to everything I eat,” she added confidently.

Gestational diabetes occurs when the hormones produced during pregnancy work against the action of insulin, resulting in high blood sugar. Gestational diabetes can happen if the mother’s body can’t produce enough extra insulin to counteract this blocking effect. It usually begins in the second half of pregnancy, and goes away after the baby is born.

The most important part of treatment is to control blood sugar levels. For many women, this means regular testing of blood sugar levels, a carefully planned diet and regular exercise. Otherwise, some women will require insulin injections.

“It's nice to learn so much about food and health, and [it's] nice to hear that so many women experienced this,” Meghan went on to say, talking about her experience with this new health condition.

This will be Meghan and her Spy Kids husband, Daryl Sabara’s first child, which they announced they were expecting this past October.

“[Daryl Sabara] and I are so beyond happy and excited to meet this little cutie early next year! WE’RE PREGNANTTTTT!!!,” the 26-year-old excitedly wrote, revealing her happy news to her 11.4M Instagram followers.