‘A nurturing father’: Meghan opens up about Harry’s parenting

Meghan Markle has opened up about what a wonderful father Prince Harry is. The doting mum couldn’t help but gush about her husband during an interview with Gloria Steinem.

The former actress revealed to the activist that her husband is a proud feminist. Steinem said you “can be a feminist and be masculine and a guy,” just like Prince Harry.

Meghan gushed, “Like my husband! I love that when he just came in he said, 'You know that I’m a feminist too, right Gloria?! It’s really important to me that you know that.”


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“But you need that. And I look at our son and what a beautiful example that he gets to grow up with a father who is so comfortable owning that as part of his own self-identification, that there’s no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everyone, which of course includes women,” she continued.

Steinem praised the dad-of-one for being so open and honest about his beliefs. “And also that he is a nurturing father. Because then your son will grow up knowing it’s OK to be loving and nurturing.”

The Sussexes have recently moved into their first proper family home in Santa Barbara. The parents and Archie moved into a stunning £11.2 million home during the summer. The home has nine bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and even a separate guest house, which is ideal for all the guests they’ll be inviting over once the lockdown comes to an end. It also has a library, movie theatre, a gym and even a spa.

There’s no doubt the family are happier than ever as they start a brand new chapter together.