A hairdresser’s how-to guide for at-home-haircuts


I think a lot of us are getting to the stage of lockdown now when we're a) bored out of our minds b) looking for variety in life and c) turning that into a disastrous combo by eyeing up the scissors and Pintersting fringe looks.

Girl. Don't do it. It's a pandemic, not a mid-life crisis. 

BUT if are you are looking to have a little chop, just to take some of the weight off your hair, or you just really want to switch up your look, it's best to do a little research first. You know what they say; Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

woman in red long sleeve shirt holding hair blower

Luckily, because everyone is struggling to get their hair done right now, there's a whole new line of content creation out there for hairdressers; at-home-haircut tutorials! 

We've all seen Brad Mondo's videos dragging the girls who try to cut their own fringes, dye their dark hair blonde in their bathroom sinks, have major ramen-noodle perm fails – and we don't want to end up like that. So putting in a little time to check out some techniques and do a little research to see what is achievable as a non-hairdresser and what will suit us and our hair will make all the difference to the end product.

Person Cutting Hair

Hair Guru, Nicky Lazou, a hairdresser from the UK, has been creating videos showing her followers how to look after and style their hair while hairdressers are closed. She understands the annoyance of an overgrown fringe or mane of hair that's getting in the way, growing brassy or has just lost all its bounce. She's made quick, easy to follow videos for the lay-woman, that will show you how to switch up your look, top up your colour or get that 'just a trim' look.

The Curtain Bangs

And viola! She makes it look so simple, we wonder why there's such fuss about cutting fringes going wrong? The little tips and tricks that seem inconsequential are actually really important tricks of the trade that can make the difference between a blunt, too-short awkward look, and this feathery, luscious, bouncing fringe! We're both impressed and inspired!

The 'Just a Trim'


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This is one we think everyone should know about. Simple hacks like the ponytails gives you more control over the areas you're cutting and how much you're cutting off. The cutting upwards technique is one I've often seen, but didn't realise it wasn't compatible with thin hair – you learn something new everyday!

The shaping around the face is a really handy thing to see up close, as usually when that's happening at the hairdressers, we have a face full of hair and can't see what they're doing. But it's simple touches like that that will really make the difference between your blunt cut and your more styled, professional-looking hair.

The root cover up


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Now this one I know is a necessity for all my fellow fake blondes out there! I don't know how much longer I can go with my dark roots peeking out between light and delicate highlights, but I'd always be a bit nervous about dying my own roots, as I think we've all heard the horror stories.

But Nicky's techniques seem like a fairly low-level intervention that is just a top-up rather than going for the whole head and ruining our highlights with colour build-up. Seeing it done slowly and up close is always a help, so I might actually be brave enough to try it out for myself!