A definitive ranking of the hottest Irish actors out there!


Us Irish aren’t known for our stunning good looks, but we have to admit there are a few beautiful specimens on our lovely Emerald Isle all the same!

Here’s our official list of the most delicious Irish actors out there… We know what DVDs we’ll be renting tonight!

10. Colin Farrell
Dublin lad Colin has perfected the standard “cheeky chappy” look that Irish guys can do so well. And if you’re not a fan of his looks, we bet you still found him just a little bit charming during Intermission and In Bruges!

9. Cillian Murphy
Cillian is surely Cork’s greatest export (aside from maybe Ronan O’Gara). Those eyes! Not to mention that fact that he is an incredible stage and film actor as well. An all-rounder!

8. Chris O’Dowd
This funnyman won us over in Bridesmaids, and we love that he’s stayed loyal to his hometown of Boyle, Roscommon, by filming much of his series Moone Boy there. 

7. Devon Murray
Yes, we feel a bit creepy looking at him in the Harry Potter films now, but 25-year-old Kildare man Devon has come a long way since playing little Neville Longbottom. We wonder if he’s on Tinder!

6. Robert Sheehan
Admit it, you cried when Darren came to his messy end on Love/Hate. This Dubliner has been moving up the ranks since he began acting back in primary school. We can’t resist those piercing green eyes.

5. Aidan Turner
Aidan hit the big time with his role as Kili in the Hobbit series and we’ve had a soft spot for him since. Sadly though, he’s dating the equally gorgeous Irish actress Sarah Greene. Boo!

4. Michael Fassbender
If that incredible jawline, perfect beard and sculpted arms weren’t enough for you, there’s the adorable fact that Michael brought his mammy as his Oscars date this year. We’re melting here.

3. Colin O’Donoghue
This Louth man made a name for himself in Ireland with appearances on The Tudors and The Clinic, but he’s since gained recognition Stateside with his role as Hook on Once Upon A Time.

2. Jack Reynor
Jack was born in Colorado but moved to Wicklow aged just two. Yes, we agree he’s more than a bit freaky in What Richard Did, but there’s just something about that baby face! Sadly Jack’s engaged to Irish model Madeline Mulqueen. Sadface.

1. Jamie Dornan
He’s playing Christian Grey. Need we say more? Jamie deserves the number 1 spot for this picture alone: