A body confidence coach’s top tips for ditching your loungewear post-lockdown

It’s nearly here we can almost taste it, the light in the distance is getting closer and closer. Shops are opening, we are coming out of level 5 and can’t wait to get back to normality, but how we will feel after restrictions lift? And the bigger question is – what will we wear?!

Our current wardrobe is all Sweaty Betty leggings and hoodies paired with our white runners. Can we feel confident in life after loungewear?

The answer, according to expert body confidence coach, Sarah Lyons, is yes! Of course we can! Sarah is here with some tips to help with the transition back to your clothes!

You can do this!

Woman Wearing Mini Skirt Holding Round Wicker Bag

Take a breath, remember you have done this before it’s just like riding a bike – you never forget. It will feel strange at first to be fully dressed and out in society but you can do it!

Take stock of your wardrobe

White Long Sleeve Shirt on White Wooden Shelf

Before we go mad on buying everything in the shops, we should have a look inside your wardrobe. Take a look at the forgotten clothes and see what you want to wear again! Covid-19 has given us a lot to think about, your life or circumstances may have changed in some way so think about what styles and clothes will reflect that. Also, think about what pace of life you want to go back to.


Photo Of Woman Wearing Black Top

Let’s start to be nicer to ourselves. We have been through a lot so having put on a few pounds during lockdown is normal and nothing to feel guilty about. Remember; Our world was turned upside down so go easy on yourself. Try to limit the negative self-talk. Don’t feel guilty about not having been as productive as others, the main focus was to keep yourself healthy and well.

Be comfortable

Clothes Hanged on White Wooden Cabinet

Wear the clothes that fit. If there are clothes that don’t fit you at the moment just put them to one side. Your world doesn’t have to collapse because of one pair of jeans or a top that doesn’t fit.

Stand tall!

Woman in White Top Posing for Picture

Our posture can have a great effect on our confidence; Try standing tall, holding your head up high and I promise you, you’ll feel better. Look up and you feel instantly more positive and confident. We spend a lot of our time looking down into our phones so have a good stretch of your neck, consciously tell your shoulders to relax, and tilt your head up.

Don't compare yourself

Stylish Woman Posing in Yellow Coat

Comparing yourself to others is just not healthy. Everyone has their own story and you have yours. Comparing yourself to other women can leave us feeling even worse so don’t do it. It’s ok to admire someone but do not think you have to change to be accepted – you are amazing. If you struggle with a comparison, how about trying a social media detox? Images we see daily have a big impact on how we feel about ourselves. If what you're seeing is making you feel negative towards your own body it is time to unfollow them.

Get excited!

Woman in Brown Coat Holding Black Paper Bag

Get energized! Getting dressed is going to require some energy, so start planning your outfits, have a look, and see if anything needs to be mended, dry cleaned, or just freshened up. Start to get excited about re-joining real life. It’s going to be great! I understand that this may be easier said than done so take baby steps.

Assess your footwear

2 Women in White Dress Sitting on Brown Wooden Floor

Think about your shoes. Having only been wearing runners for the last fourteen months I really can’t see myself getting back into even a small heel anytime soon. A great flat shoe is a loafer (I have invested in two new pairs). Thank god we are heading into summer so maybe a pair of sandals (weather permitting ) is a good investment.

Dresses are key

Woman Doing Pose Wearing Yellow Dress

Dresses are an easy comfortable option to transition from your loungewear, a soft drapey jersey in fab colours and prints will be a must. As we are going into warmer months dresses tick a lot of boxes. Team with a denim jacket or a soft knit cardigan for a great comfortable style. If you are not into dresses then a jersey jumpsuit is a great alternative!

Breaking up with our loungewear will be strange. I for one will be embracing the floaty dresses and flat shoes and a feeling of being free. Comfort is still key so pair fine knits with loose-fitting trousers or chunky cardigans with dresses or skirts. Most of all have a bit of fun – it has been a tough ride and you deserve to enjoy getting dressed again!

"Self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it. Own it."

Sarah Lyons is an Image consultant and body confidence coach. She is passionate about helping women regain their confidence through style. Sarah is available for online consultations at www.wellstyled.ie or can be contacted on 086-8757539. Sarah is also a body confidence coach for Mums and can be found @themammycoach on Instagram.