A big happy birthday to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


At 29 years of age, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have lived almost their entire lives in the public eye.

Making their onscreen debut at just 9 months old in Full House, this hard-working duo have managed to turn their acting career and their other accomplishments into their own brand dynasty.

To celebrate their birthday, we are going to take a look back at some of their biggest achievements over the years.

1. At the age of six, the girls founded Dualstar Entertainment, which made them millionaires by the age of ten.

2. When they turned 18-years-old, the teenage media moguls took over the company. The CEO of Dualstar described the girls saying, “They’re smart. They’re articulate. They’re rational.” The girls remained owners of the company until its collapse in 2007.

3. Following their film careers, the Olsen twins took a very impressive dive into the fashion industry. Aside from being described as fashion icons, the pair launched their own clothing line called Row in 2006.

4. Only last week, Mary-Kate and Ashley took home the Designer of the Year award for Row’s women’s wear at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

5. The sisters are said to have a combined worth of over €250million. 

Wow… that is a LOT to accomplish before the age of 30. We hope they are having a huge celebration tonight because after reading that it sounds like they could do with the night off!