9 types of roommates you’ll encounter during college


1. The Drama Queen
Most college houses wouldn’t be complete without their daily dose of drama served by this roommate. Drama in all its forms energises them and they will destroy all roommate relations. Not a good one to be.


2. The One Who Loves Drugs
This guy indulges multiple times a day and his room has a rather suspicious odour. That shed in the back garden that he frequents a little too often? Quite possibly a growhouse.

3. The One Who Hates Drugs
This one is the nemesis of Roommate No.2 and they are often found in confrontational situations.

4. The Clean Freak
It’s good to remain on excellent terms with this roommate as it will often be them who is cleaning up after everyone else after the house inevitably gets trashed. Do not take advantage or you will end up sleeping on Domino’s pizza boxes and empty cans when they go on strike.

5. The Party Animal
You know the guy. Ents Rep, out every night, perpetual Fresher. His life view is that life doesn’t get much better than a shoulder of vodka and he’d sell his soul for a hot chicken roll. Constantly skint. You will share the best of times with this guy in college. Just don’t expect him to loan you €2 in your time of need…or pay his rent on time.

6. The One Who Always Takes Someone Home
Always. And you’re the one left making them toast the next morning.

7. The Society Queen
She is the absolute nicest person in the world but she has a serious problem with saying no to societies. We’ve all signed up for Young Fine Gael because they gave you free lollipops on Clubs & Socs Day, but she will attend every meeting and manage every event, while juggling being Secretary for Amnesty, Treasurer for LGBT and Auditor for Law Soc. Some how she’ll still manage to get a First in the summer exams.

8. The One Who Studies All the Time
He’s the one constantly burning the midnight oil in his room and you’re never really sure if he’s still living with you. He may come out. Just once. For Rag Week. He will spend the rest of the year in his room inventing the iPhone 9 and writing code.

9. The Slutbag
You know the one who goes out with the tan blazing like Ron Burgundy’s glorious moustache, the lashes smacking you against the wall on the way out the door and the naggin strapped cheekily to her thigh? Now you have a name for her.


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