9 questions you should never ask short women


Us short girls don’t have it so easy. Between having to prove just how tough we really are and having to answer your stupid questions, it’s exhausting. Here are some questions you shouldn’t ask a short woman, ever:

1. “Can I pick you up?”
Drunken strangers think it’s perfectly acceptable to pick us up, throw us over their shoulders and do laps of the nightclub dancefloor. So not okay.

no-baby-no-gif2. “How old are you?”
Just because we are small, doesn’t instantly make us 11 years-old!

9713. “How are you so small?”
There’s always an emphasis on the “small”. Why are you so tall?

bb-yeah-science4. “Do you have to shop in the kids section?”
Sometimes. That’s where all the bargains are as well as the pink sparkly shoes so IN YOUR FACE!

daf38a9370484a3c6e703f5543e565895. “How can you eat so much?”
Does our height somehow dictate the size of our stomachs?

tumblr_lkysjs7J2t1qixleeo1_5006. “Could you fit in there? How bout in there?”
We appreciate your curiosity, and we’ve probably wondered if we could fit in the washing machine too.

tumblr_n2nofl1EtJ1rfduvxo1_5007. “Do you want me to put you on my shoulders?”
Usually asked at gigs, this is a really nice gesture. We do appreciate the fact that you’re looking out for us and know that it’s almost impossible for us to see the gig if not at the very front or the very back.

Benedict-Cumberbatch-thank-you8. “Can I lean on you?”
Using us as an elbow rest is so not cool, you’re squishing our necks!

giphy9. “Can I keep you?”
This is kind of nice, although it’s very patronising. We’re often seen as the kittens of the human race. People love to pet us and cuddle us, it’s kind of weird.

tumblr_lkysjs7J2t1qixleeo1_500via our content partner CT