9 of the absolute worst things about being a glasses wearer!

Once the most unwanted accesory in the world, glasses have now come full circle and are actually beginning to be considered stylish.

But those of us who've been wearing them since we were yay high know that being a glasses wearer isn't always fun.

In fact, there are a few distinct disadvantages…

1. The way they instantly steam up when you go from cold air to hot
Coming inside on a rainy day, opening the dishwasher… it doesn't take much to fog up those specs and make us look like a total poindexter.

2. Searching for lost glasses with your less-than-perfect vision
We need good vision to find our glasses, and yet we need to find our glasses to have good vision. Why, cruel world, why?!

3. Looking like a complete tool during 3D films
Those "cool" Wayfarer-style 3D glasses aren't so cool when precariously placed over your regular pair. The opposite of sexy.

4. Having to hide your disdain for hipsters who wear glasses for no reason
Believe us, if you'd been forced to wear glasses since age 10, you wouldn't be casually throwing them on as a fashion statement, no sirree.

5. The "clash of the glass" when kissing a fellow four-eyes
Unless you know each other well enough to angle your face juuuust right, you could be setting yourselves up for serious injury.

6. Having to quickly whip your glasses off during sexy time
Wearing glasses during sex is just a no-no. But the question is, do you make taking them off a THING (think: sexy secretary) or try to do it as quickly and subtly as possible?

7. Everyone looking at you weirdly when you forgo glasses for lenses
"Your eyes look so small… are you sick or something?"

8. People thinking you must be super-intelligent
Nope, we just have bad eyesight… it doesn't instantly increase our IQ. Sadface.

9. Smug people with 20/20 vision
They act all shocked when we can't see what number bus is coming without our glasses. THAT'S WHY WE HAVE GLASSES!