8 stylish headbands to help upgrade your work from home wardrobe


If you’ve been loving spending everyday in comfy loungewear sets these days, then this is for you. Adding pretty accessories to your wardrobe can really elevate your simple everyday looks.

As we all know headbands are back in fashion, and we for one, couldn’t be more delighted about it. Pop a head band on and you go from slouchy to stylish in seconds.

Looking for that little  extra something to finish off an outfit? Add a headband. Trying to detract from the dark circles under your eyes or perhaps the stain on your jumper which you can't remember getting? Pop on a headband. Want to wear your hair down but sick of tucking your overgrown fringe behind your ears? You've guessed it, wear a headband!

Because they're so versatile, and an essential part of your wardrobe, we’re sharing this little list of some of our favourite headbands available on ASOS right now.

Plaited headband in pink plisse – €9.99

My Accessories London Exclusive knotted headband in red – €8.49

Knot headband with pearl flower embellishment in blush pink – €14.99

Knot headband in leopard palm print – €9.99

Headband in twist velvet stripe in black – €9.99

Knot headband in dusky pink satin – €9.99

My Accessories Exclusive headband with chain plait mix in green velvet – €11.49

My Accessories London ruched headband in pink with stars – €11.49