‘Do I have to?’ 8 reasons it’s OK to hate New Year’s Eve with a passion


It's tipped as the biggest night of the year, but for many of us, New Year's Eve is often one giant anticlimax.

Every year we tell ourselves it's going to be different, and every year we find ourselves in the exact same situation… but with just a little more seething rage.

If December 31 leaves you feeling cold, but expressing this to friends and family means you're labelled a buzzkill, don't worry 'cos you have friends right here.

THIS, ladies, is why hating New Year's Eve is legit… if not compulsory.

1. Your 'holiday weight' means finding a new dress is a pain worse than death.

"Do the sparkles cover my love handles?"

2. No one can ever agree on a venue or event.

"If you don't decide by the 20th, I'm sleeping through it."

3. Your mam looks at you like a wounded pup when you confirm you won't be sitting in with her and dad.

"Frankly, I'd rather sit in the shed than engage at all."

4. Every bar is so crowded you find yourself becoming acquainted with the various fragrances emanating from other people's bodies.

"Ah Lynx Africa is just ahead! He'll shove over for me!"

5. The countdown inexplicably embarrasses you unless you're off your trolley drunk.

"Nothing's going to change in 11 seconds, but I'll be thrown out if I don't chant."

6. The queue for the ladies' toilets means you spend more time with a group of women you don't know than your own actual friends.

"No, you honestly can't see any love handles under those sparkles."

7. The price you have to pay for crossing the treshold of some venues is frankly insulting.

"You know they once played the National Anthem at the end of the night here – that's what we're actually dealing with, girls."

8. Your kitchen is still heaving with food and drink from Christmas, and yet you're being forced to go out and spend €7 on a pint you'll only spill down Lynx Africa's back.

"Seriously, is a fort appealing to NO ONE, right now?!"