8 groovy things we did NOT know about The Queen of England

Listen like them or not, many of us have a weird fascination with the Royal family.

I personally think they're great – but hey, that's just one person's opinion. 

Anyway, they certainly are an interesting bunch of humans, in particular, the matriarch, Queen Lizzie. 

Obviously, she's a Queen – so that's class, but there are so many other things that come with that territory. 

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Naturally, she's a very important figure, and with that, she has some pretty impressive perks. 

I decided to look into it, and get the low down on the things the Queen can and can't do:

1. No passport? No problem. 

So you may or may not know this, but all passports in the UK are issued by The Queen. So in that case, it makes sense that she would not require one. 

2. Personal ATM.

No nipping up the road to get cash out here lads, The Queen has access to her own personal ATM within Buckingham Palace. Although, I can't imagine she needs to carry much cash on her. 

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3. She doesn't have to pay taxes. 

That's right folks, despite being a chamillionaire, the Queen is not actually required to pay any taxes. However,  she has voluntarily been paying income and capital gains taxes since 1992. Sound. 

4. She owns all of the dolphins. 

This one really got me. I knew about the swans, and how the reigning monarch of the UK technically owns all swans in the Kingdom. However, apparently she also owns all the dolphins (and whales, sturgeons, and porpoises) in the waters of England. These are referred to as 'fishes royal'. 

5. One cannot get arrested. 

That's right folks – Queen Elizabeth is literally above the law (no that she'd ever break it though). However, if she did decide to break a few laws, Prosecutors could go after the Crown as Executive, but then the Queen's ministers would act on her behalf, and accept any punishment that was doled out. 

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6. Drives freely. 

Oh no big deal, but The Queen doesn't need a driver's licence to operate a car in the UK. It's an example of her exercising her "royal prerogative," which is a special exemption from some statute laws. Casual. 

7. Fast and furious.

Along with no need for a licence, Elizabeth also doesn't have to adhere to the speed limit. 

8. Two birthdays. 

You read that right lads, The Queen of England gets TWO birthdays, because well, one seems a bit common. Birthday numero uno is her actual birthday, on April 21. Her second birthday (her "official" royal birthday) is celebrated on the second Saturday in June, marked by the Trooping the Colour parade.