8 dairy-free treats to make for the lactose-intolerant in your life

If you, your roommate or one of your friends are lactose intolerant, it means that many sweets and treats are off-limit.

Butter, milk or cream are common ingredients for most cakes, biscuits, ice-creams, but they are not irreplaceable. Margarine and neutral oils can be good substitutes for butter, while non-dairy milks and creams (such as coconut and almond) are now widely available.

The following recipes do not contain any milk or dairy, but if you use chocolate, make sure it is dairy-free or vegan.

1. Double chocolate nice-cream

2. Blueberry quinoa muffins

3. Strawberry and basil cheesecake

4. Vegan brownies

5. Breakfast cookies

6. Chocolate crinkles

7. Mango and lime chia pudding

8. Chocolate peanut butter power balls