7 thoughts everyone has when they start a new diet

Ok so we know that we are over half way through summer, but that hasn't stopped us still wanting to achieve that bikini bod we so badly crave. 

But when it comes to starting a new diet, it literally consumes our brain and within five minutes of starting we miss bread more than we thought possible. 

Here are just a few of the thoughts that go through your mind when you start a new diet:

1. This is going to be great

Yes, day 1 is filled with so much joy and possibility! You are so happy that you have started this journey and you just KNOW that you are going to the stick it out for the majority of the rest of your life.

2. Ok harder than I thought, but I got this

Once the excitement of starting something new wears off, you start to realise that not having your Dairymilk and a cuppa is going to be tough. But your only after starting so you can't give in just yet, save it for cheat day, it will taste so much sweeter. 

3. I have had three salads, I must have increased my life expectancy by at least 15 years

After a few days of your diet, you literally feel like the most cleansed and healthy person alive. You can just feel it inside that your are doing good for your body and you will never be sick again. 

4. Is it too early for a cheat day?

Nope? Ok fine, I'll just go back to my snack of some celery and carrot sticks, it's actually really tasty. 

5. I can't drink anymore green tea

It's just not the same. Pass the Barry's tea, IMMEDIATELY.

6. Chocolate is what makes me happy, so wouldn't I rather just be a bit chubby but really happy?

Like I know this diet is suppose to be good for me and all, but food is where I find my true happiness. Life is short, maybe I should just eat the damn cookie and have the damn pizza. That popcorn and coke? Well if that is going to make me feel good, why not have some of that too?

7. Thank god, time for a whole cheat weekend now!!

HALLELUJAH!!  Finally the time as come, I have been healthy for a whole week and now I can tuck in to all of the food I have spent the past few days dreaming about. Celery sticks, you're outta here!