7 things you NEED to know about hostels


Hostels form an integral part of a back-packing trip across Europe. They are cheap and are usually full of people your own age – handy if you get sick of your travelling companion.

Before you book your stay, there are a few things you might like to know first:

  1. Hostels are usually located in dodgier areas than advertised. You have been warned.
  2. The kitchen will usually be occupied by at least 20 others – get used to eating beans… cold… out of the tin.
  3. If they advertise that the Colosseum is only a five-minute walk away, make sure you factor in the 20-minute train journey that they forgot to mention.
  4. The best things about hostels are the free maps. Grab one – it’ll come in handy when you have a few too many and can’t remember your way back.
  5. You are bound to pick up a stray traveller, especially if you spend too long in the lobby.
  6. You will usually be able to grab a few discounts for restaurants and night clubs. Perfect for when the funds are drying up.
  7. You WILL end up battling paranoia when you leave your belongings while you go off exploring.

You will also have the time of your life!