7 must-have shoes for the modern woman


To a woman, shoes are love stories waiting to be told. They are the queen of accessories that can instantly make or break a look and are just as important as the outfit itself. As tempting as it is to stock-up on every shoe in the market, it’s good to be mindful of those “essentials.” You don’t need a million options but rather a few that go with a majority of outfits. The modern woman is ‘woke’ and more self-aware of their purchasing behaviours. Gone are the days of impromptu purchase that only look great on Instagram but are impractical to walk in.

Quality shoes are the ultimate investment. If picked right, they will last years on end and your feet will thank you. Skip out on fast fashion that is ‘in’ today and ‘out’ tomorrow. Gucci shoes for instance are timeless pieces that are not only durable but incredibly stylish to make you stand out from the crowd. To make picking the 7 must-have shoes more seamless, here are some essential staples:

Statement heels

High heels are the most sought-after shoe in the market. They are known to add gait and increase the attractiveness of a woman. A statement heel is a shoe for events, performance and commands authority anywhere one goes. There is nothing worse than having an upcoming wedding or party and you need to rush to the stores the day before buying a shoe that matches your dress. A statement heel should be well thought out before purchase and be careful to select a colour that will pair well with most of your outfits.

Classic loafers

The loafer was previously viewed as a more masculine shoe, however, ever since entering the scene a few years ago, it has women wearing them on heavy rotation. They are a more’ serious’ shoe to say the least and make one look sophisticated and put-together. A classic black pair is best especially for women who seek comfort over everything.

White sneakers

Every woman should at least have a pair of trainers in their wardrobe. They are comfortable, effortless and can make any outfit look chic. Women sneakers can be styled in several ways and all-season out. White sneakers precisely make one look fashion-savvy even when worn on those lady days.

Black boots

Boots are an absolute must for every woman’s closet. They come in different designs – ankle books, knee-high and thigh-high boots. Boots are the cherry on the top for any ‘going-out’ outfit. Whether you opt for flat or heeled boots, you can never go wrong with these kinds of shoes. They pair well with both classic and more formal outfits.

Smooth slides

There is nothing as relieving as having a pair of slides in your handbag to relieve you from a hard day on heels. They are easy to slide into, open-toed and backless for an easy walk. Sandals are the perfect shoe for summertime and go well with those sundresses.

Wedge sandals

A good pair of wedges come in handy for those summer occasions when you don’t want your heels sinking into the grass during events. These types of shoes help ladies elongate their legs by adding a few inches without having to bear the repercussions of wearing heels. Wedges are comfortable to walk-in and can be beautifully styled with both dresses and trousers.

Ballerina flats

Ballerinas will never go out of style and are the absolute go-to shoe. They are a no-fuss option for those days when you just want to pick up and go. Flats are great for sore feet and one can easily wear them with almost everything.