7 classic board games to dig out for games night

Far from our days of playing board games with our friends, everyone finds their entertainment in a device of some sort, be it a Nintendo Switch, PS5 or a tablet, these days.

But there is just something so satisfying about sitting at the kitchen table, bowl of popcorn and some jellies and competing with your family in a game of Chess or, you know, Cluedo!

For the day that's in it, why not dig out some of your old board games and enjoy a bit of friendly competition with family game night this Christmas.

1. Scrabble

A game of making words, this one will really test your brain powers.

2. Cluedo 

A game of suspicion and clues, this one wil really get the brain juices flowing. 

3. The Game of Life

We don't need to be told twice to dig this one out. We spent hours spinning the wheel trying to live vicariously through tiny pink pegs. 

4. Chess

A great way to encourage you to concentrate, this is a good one if A) you know how to play and B) have the patience to teach your family members…

5. Twister 

This one will leave the entire family in stitches. You'll all end up in the weirdest positions and have the best laugh and for that person who really doesn't want to play, they can be the spinner…

6. Snakes and Ladders

Easy, fun and entertaining.

7. Connect Four 

This is an easy one and can go on for as long as you fancy- or before a row breaks out!