6 types of people you don’t want to meet at a party


Parties can be a fun place to hang out with friends and have a lot of fun – unless you run into one of this crowd:

1. The Lingerer
You've already told him none of your friends are single but he's still standing behind one of them breathing deeply…


2. The Girl/Guy Who Just Got Dumped
She/He will talk solidly for two hours about the entire relationship before coming to the conclusion that she/he wants to get back with him/her. Exhausting. 


3. The Frenemy
You've been acquaintances since childhood but there has always been a competitive vibe between you…

4. The Self-Obsessive
Think Regina George from Mean Girls and this is her best friend. Yes, we mean Gretchen Weiners. 

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5. The Opinionated One
Nothing wrong with having opinions but not when they're primary goal is to make you feel stupid. As Lady Crawley once said: "Principles are like prayers. Noble, of course but awkward at a party."

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6. The Conspiracist
The Illuminati, the Titanic, the water charges, it's like being at a party with Jim Corr…

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